Export from Finland

Export declaration must be done to the Customs for all goods exported from the EU.

If you need export from Finland, we can help you!

Usually export declaration must be done at the country of origin. If value of the good is less than 3000 euros and the place of exit is in Finland, we can prepare customs papers for you.

For example:
Barbeque-house bought from Estonia, priced 2000 €. In case you bring it to Norway and cross the border at Kilpisjärvi, we can make export declaration for you. If the price of your purchase is more than 3000 €, you need export declaration from Estonia. The export declaration must be done before the barbeque-house exits from Estonia.

Necessary information for export declaration:

  • registration number of your transport vehicle
  • border crossing point
  • copy of invoice, including information of consignee and consignor (buyer and seller)
  • type of goods
  • gross and net weight
  • total number of packages
  • CMR/freight document is optional

Necessary documents and informations can be delivered us by e-mail.